Frequently Asked Questions

How many Sneaky Devils are available at Mint?
Why only one team member?
Any plans for future development?
What are the current tools available?

The Path to Hell

2022 Q1
Phase 1

In phase 1 our main goal is to lay the foundations down here in Hell. That means we are creating artwork, releasing beta versions of our tools, creating our main websites, etc.

2022 Q2
Phase 2

At the start of phase 2 is when we mint. Once we have minted 100% we will be getting listed on secondary marketplaces (already applied for MagicEden). Next part is we will work on giving back to our community via donations. Along with all of that we will be working on improving our current toolset.

2022 Q3
Phase 3

Initially we planned to develop a more modern website during this phase but if you are reading this you are currently on the modern version. Next we will release staking (Note Our staking will be for a coin that has no LP. But said coin can be used in our marketplace). We will still be working on our tools, and working on the V2 roadmap.

2022 Q4
Phase 4

Release V2 roadmap

The Devils

The Team



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